Denmark is known as a small, beautiful and charming country. Home of the Vikings, fairytales like The Little Mermaid, bacon, and butter. We here have a high quality of life and are known as some of the happiest people in the world. But we do have some unusual habits according to tourists and foreigners, so I have gathered some of the things they have been puzzled by in the Danish society.

  1. Most of us would never cross the red light! Not even if there isn’t a car or a bicycle nearby. No way! We might just end up getting a fine. It is much better to wait for the light to change. No reason to risk it. Except riding a bicycle. Then it don’t seem like most of us are following any of the rules. All the sudden we are able to cross the red light (I could never dream of it, too risky and dangerous), biking on the sidewalk and even in the opposite direction without lights and helmet.
  2. Danes are very private and most of us don’t talk to strangers while using the public transportation system. I don’t know why. I guess it is just due to our culture. Most of us usually just sit there with music in their ears or with their head in their smartphones or talking to their friends,but not really new people. A lot of foreigners think it is awfully quiet in trains and buses….I don’t because I will be able to concentrate about working or just relax completely 🙂
  3. Babies are just outside no matter what the weather is like. To me that is not weird at all, but apparently it is for tourists. It doesn’t matter if their parents have just been walking with them or if they just want to hang out with their friends on a café. They just leave the stroller outside and don’t even watch it. They might have a baby alarm in case the baby wakes up, but nothing else.


  1. Danes love licorice more than anyone in the world and I do too! We produce a huge variety of different licorice – even extremely salty licorice. But we don’t just eat pure licorice. We eat licorice in everything! Ice cream, desserts and even main courses! I am not sure if I even understand it….but we do love our licorice! <3
  1. We Danes get a lot of things for free. Free health care, toll free roads and free education. Even a university degree is free! Students even receive money from the government to live for while studying called SU. We get up to US$1000 a month to live for, but a lot still complain that they don’t have enough money to do what they want, because they are poor. Sure, I am not rich and the living costs are high so I have to think of every penny I spend, but at least I don’t have to pay for my education and put myself in debt in order to survive 🙂


  1. Danes watch a lot of weather forecasts (I don’t), up to several times a day and the weather doesn’t even change a lot during the day. But a lot of the Danes do not trust the weather forecasts anyway, so why bother? No one knows…Some of us actually tend to complain a LOT about the weather – Either it is too cold or windy or it is too hot! But if you start complaining about the rain or cold, they will just tell you that you aren’t properly dressed. Confused? I totally understand 🙂

Have you ever been to Denmark? Do you know more weird things Danes do? What do people find odd in your country?

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  • Hej 🙂
    Jeg kommer fra Tyskland og bor i Danmark siden 8 måneder og der er mange ting du har skrevet som er det samme i Tyskland. Jeg vil gerne tilføje noget du har glemt: dansker elsker jul – man begynder lige efter Halloween med at komme i julestemning; man kan købe juledekoration, man holder julefrokost, der er juleøl og man mødes til juleklip, selvom det tager 7 uger indtil jul. Jeg synes det er virkelig sjovt 😀
    Vh Paula (17)

    • Det er jeg ikke i tvivl om 🙂 det er dejligt, at komme fra så priviligeret lande som Danmark og Tyskland, vi har det virkelig godt 🙂 haha, du har helt ret! Og det er som om det starter tidligere og tidligere hvert år! 😛

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